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Sunday, November 20, 2011

An Opulent Tableau of Essence

“An Opulent Tableau of Essence”   Created by Sharon Hays

Sharon Hays, author of two mystery novels, a children’s book and many poems, created this book, which exhibits a diverse collection of twenty-four artists, a sculptor and poets from Italy, Russia, United States, India, Australia, Germany, Uzbekistan, UK, and Turkey. United in in this lovely compilation, it represents unique talents and creativity in the arts.

The title, “An Opulent Tableau of Essence” perfectly depicts the creative display of art and poetry that was named through a contest on Facebook by Sculptor and Artist Samantha Churchill, whose works are included.

This coffee table book is filled with impressive prints from each artist with unique and various mediums; to include oils, sketches, acrylics, digital illustrations, photography and sculptures. Below each print is a title of the work and the Artists’ name. On the opposite page is an emotional or inspirational poem or prose that gives an artistic depiction of the print from an expressive viewpoint. Each poem will stimulate viewers in various ways. As we are all aware, art is defined in the eye of the beholder. One could imagine many interpretations of each print.

The inspiration to create this compilation has been a long coming. After meeting the artists and admiring their works, the collaboration came together with different facets of their unique and individual styles. These creative artists have many more to show, and this book gives them another door to open for new exposure. Biographies of authors, artists, poets and sculptor are listed at the back, with information so that one may go to each individual website and view more of the artists’ creative and interpretative works.

Daniele Montella, the cover artist, and visionary illustrator has illustrated all of Sharon Hays’ books. His remarkable talents as one can see from the magnificent digital print, ‘Essence’. Some of his other illustrations include covers for Sharon Hays’ ‘Mysteerie Manor’ and the sequel, ‘Mysteerie Manor II’, which has just been released, Hays’ children’s book, ‘The Tumbleweed Family’, an imaginative book for children that was released June, 2011.

Hays’ purpose is that you enjoy the journey, while it inspires your inner soul and takes you into illusive places that come out of nowhere, and bathes you in artwork and poetry. “Many thanks to artists and poets who participated in this beautiful book.” For more information go to:  Hays books are available on Amazon, Barns and Nobel as well as Kindle, Smashwords, and other channels. Info for artists included.

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