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Monday, January 9, 2012


2 Busy Publishing proudly introduces, “An Opulent Tableau of Essence”, a Coffee Table Book collection of extraordinary art paired with moving poetry

 “An Opulent Tableau of Essence” captures the depths of the human emotional and spiritual journey through a collection of art and poetry from nine countries of global artists and poets.

(January 5, 2012 – Tampa, FL)  Sharon Hays’ elegant 130 page hardbound coffee table book, “An Opulent Tableau of Essence”, showcases a diversity of fine art alongside a collection of moving poems to capture and express the human emotional and spiritual journey through life. 

“An Opulent Tableau of Essence” eloquently exhibits a diverse collection of twenty-four artists, a sculptor and poets from Italy, Russia, the United States, India, Australia, Germany, Uzbekistan, UK, and Turkey. After meeting the artists and admiring their works, the collaboration came together with different facets of their unique and individual styles. Biographies of authors, artists, poets and sculptor are listed at the back, with contact information.

The title, “An Opulent Tableau of Essence” perfectly depicts the creative display of art and poetry which was named through a contest on Facebook by Sculptor and Artist Samantha Churchill, whose works are included.

This coffee table book is filled with impressive prints from each artist of unique and various mediums which include oils, sketches, acrylics, digital illustrations, photography and sculptures. Below each print is a title of the work and the Artists’ name. On the opposite page is an emotional or inspirational poem or prose that gives an artistic depiction of the print from an expressive viewpoint. Each poem will stimulate viewers in various ways. As we are all aware, art is defined in the eye of the beholder, ergo, one can imagine many interpretations of each print.

Daniele Montella, the visionary illustrator who created the cover artwork ‘Essence’, has illustrated all of Sharon Hays’ books.  His other illustrations include covers for Sharon Hays’ ‘Mysteerie Manor’, the sequel, ‘Mysteerie Manor II’ and Hays’ children’s books, ‘The Tumbleweed Family’ and ‘Adventures of Sadie Ladybug’. Customer Reviews

Exquisite. Inspiring. Simply stunning.

“What a joy to see the work of artists and poets from all over the globe in one beautiful volume. One of my favorite book covers in the whole world ... EVER!! Sharon Hays' labor of love is the focal point of my home ... just in time for the holidays. Who needs decorations?!!”

Wonderful book!!!

“This book is beautiful and the art work is amazing along with the Poetry. I would recommend this for any house.”

About the author:

Poet and short fiction author Sharon Hays studied business in Utah and the creative writing arts in Wyoming and Florida. A mother of five, Hays has also had various experiences in purchasing and developing real-estate. Being self-employed most of her life in a diverse selection of businesses has given her much to draw from when it comes to storytelling. Her love of poetry formed a foundation for her craft of writing. Even as a child Sharon had an interest in the literary arts and a strong drive for creative expression.

While taking a creative writing class online in 2005 through the University of South Florida, Sharon received an assignment to create a main character with no specific story line. Pulling from her love of mystery novels, she created, Maryanne O’Donnell, a young entrepreneur, and the novel series Mysteerie Manor came to life as her mind’s eye took her through the story, introducing Maryanne to the other characters. As an organic author, Sharon allows the story to tell itself through her own creative vision. Once she created Maryanne, the main story line, characters and events seemed to emerge of their own accord to tell the story of an eerie mansion with a personality all its own. The creativity and inspiration that exploded from Sharon’s writing process have flowed into the sequel that will blow readers away with its unique style and new exciting twists and turns.

Following the release of “Mysteerie Manor” I & II, the arrival of her new Grand Daughter Parker Elizabeth was just the inspiration she needed to publish a children’s book. “The Tumbleweed Family” quickly came to life under the hand of illustrator Daniele Montella, through a story Sharon had created to tell her own children every night at bedtime.  She quickly followed with the creation of “Adventures of Sadie Ladybug”; a charming story about Sadie Ladybug in the insect world who helps Farmer John save his crops.

Her passion for poetry and art inspired her for many years to create a compilation of art paired with poetry which fluidly came together as a 130 page hard bound coffee table book “An Opulent Tableau of Essence” featuring artists and poets from around the world.

Her books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hard cover, soft cover and digital format.

Sharon Hays review copies and interviews are available.




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