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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Poetry Compilation" is stunning and delightful. A coffee table book composed of twenty-four artists, a sculptor, and talented poets from all over the world. The diverse works are illustrated from artists in the U.S., Italy, Germany, and other countries. In addition, outstanding and refreshing poetry, along with biographies of authors create a magnificent Masterpiece. I highly recommend this unique book to all poetry lovers, and to those who enjoy different forms of art. Sharon Hays takes the reader on an enjoyable and interesting journey that makes the reader crave for more. Every illustration is a beautiful delight that conveys a special message. In the passage from Old Town, one could see the lanterns glow. The colors in Dahlia are stunning, magical, and mystical. 'That Day' tugs at the heartstrings, and 'Mother Teresa' brings comfort and peace. The lovely cover is a portrait in itself as it draws the reader in. Each poem adds splashes of radiant color, like a rainbow to impressive works of art and the journey of collaboration evolves into an explosive, emotional description of happiness, sadness and life's challenges. A remarkable compilation that not only aims to please, but one display on a coffee table that will indeed be the center of attraction.


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